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  • A comparison of DNA extraction methods for cryptosporidium parvum 

    Mraz, Alexis L.; Stanley, Sofia; Krishnamurthy, Kirthana; Turk, Ryan; Shorter, Kayla (2023)
    Cryptosporidiosis is a protozoan infection caused by Cryptosporidium parvum. Risk of cryptosporidiosis is associated with occupational and recreational exposure as well as exposure through drinking water. DNA extraction ...
  • The Delaware river project 

    Mackie, Elizabeth; Moran, Michaela; Molnar, Nicole (2023)
    During MUSE, projects explored handmade paper approaches to both large and small artworks relating to the Delaware River and local ponds. This included a work combining video projection with handmade paper designed to ...
  • Orbital resonance amplitude optimization using python 

    MacDonald, Mariah G.; Patterson, Daniel; Calabrese, Nick (2023)
    Exoplanet orbital periods, like the orbital periods of the Solar System, "synch up" on specific occasions, depending on orbital position. "Synched" orbits known as orbital resonance cause planets to exert gravitational ...
  • Congenital heart disease: diagnostics, treatment, and screening yesterday and today 

    Jakubowski, Tami L.; Curtis, Sarah; Mann, Simranjot (2023)
    Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality globally. CCHD can be identified at an earlier age due to the accessibility and availability of current screenings and medical advances. ...
  • Family matters; preventing childhood obesity by providing parents with nutrition tools through a family systems approach 

    Harkins, Judy; Chidiking, Blessing; Ocloo, Caroline (2023)
    The concern that childhood weight status is one of the most significant predictors for obesity in adulthood,and its consequences for health complications, may loom large. However, there has been little success in the ...

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