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    • Halogen exchange reactions 

      Adkins, L.S.; Childers, D.; Hunt, David A.; Hutchinson, M.J.; Mosher, M.W. (West Virginia Academy of Sciences, 1972-04)
    • The Hand on the Mirror 

      Zumwalde, Allison; Ciriaco, Kendall Lee; Allison, John (2015)
      Handprints naturally occur due to the glands in our skin that secrete oils leaving ridged patterns behind. This is called a latent handprint. Much research has been done on the idea of latent fingerprints and its continued ...
    • Hardware Synthesis of Model Predictive Control on a Programmable Logic Controller 

      Ralea, Michael; Adegbege, Ambrose A. (2020)
      Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are a wide-spread tool used in the control of industrial processes. Although they are associated with simple computations and PID control, the PLC has been pushed to the limits in recent ...
    • Health disparities: the effects of race/ethnicity and maternal education on infant mortality 

      Hinckson, Afia; Aromolaran, Damilola; Atkins, Rahshida; Pontes, Nancy; Patterson, Natasha; McCray, April; Pontes, Manny (2021)
      New Jersey has among the highest racial disparity between African American/Black vs White infant mortality (8.8 compared to 2.3 per 1000 live births). In published studies, Black/African American - White racial disparity ...
    • Helping girls glow: promoting fitness within a community 

      Bruno, Laura; Hazel, Marissa; DeGraw, Danielle (2016)
      The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of the “Girls on the GLOW” program by measuring the aerobic endurance levels, holistic (overall) wellness and perceived self-esteem scores of girls 6-12 years of ...
    • Henry Rise 

      Rosemurgy, Catie (World Poetry Inc., 2015)
    • ‘High Delights that satisfy all Appetites’: Thomas Traherne and Gender 

      Graham, Jean (Early Modern Literary Studies, 2018)
      The poetry of Thomas Traherne has often seemed purely and innocently devotional in comparison with that of George Herbert, John Donne, or Richard Crashaw, poets whose religious work, at least occasionally, is sexually ...
    • A high-angle shot of a woman playing piano 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
    • Hispanic and white women's responses to health disparity information 

      Maurer, Jenna; Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica; Skrobola, Noelle (2016)
      In the United States, the cervical cancer incidence rate is 64% higher among Hispanic women than Non-Hispanic White women (American Cancer Society, 2012). This is one example of a health disparity. Understanding how people ...
    • History leading up to the present situation on T. S. C. Campus 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
      Provides an overview of the disputes between Black students and college administration (led by President Clayton Brower) over the creation of a Black Studies program and the hiring of John Hatchett as Black Studies Director.
    • Holman Hall Art Gallery 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
    • Holodeck Masquing: Early Modern Genre Meets Star Trek 

      Graham, Jean (Wiley, 2000)
      Suggests that the past 10 years have seen masques performed regularly, and for more general audiences, on episodes of the "Star Trek" spinoff series "Next Generation," "Deep Space 9," and "Voyager." Notes that characters ...
    • How much can neural networks learn about jellyfish? 

      Abdelmohsen, Lana; Battista, Nicholas (2021)
      Neural Networks can approximate real-valued, discrete values and vector-valued functions. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have inputs neurons, hidden layers, and output neurons. A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has ...
    • Howard Crosby Butler Archive 

      Abramowitz, Ryan; Kozak, Zach; Boero, Dina (2020)
      The Howard Crosby Butler archive is a collection of materials relevant to the expeditions taken by Butler and others to Syria and the surrounding area in the late 19th and early 20th century. The group surveyed hundreds ...
    • Humanities e-books: an affective faculty survey 

      Murray, David C. (Routledge, 2017)
      Subject specialists seek to understand humanists' perceptions of e-books. The investigator conducted an online survey of humanities faculty at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) to find out. The survey uncovered information ...
    • Humanities E-Books: An Affective Faculty Survey 

      Murray, David C. (Routledge, 2018-01)
      Subject specialists seek to understand humanists' perceptions of e-books. The investigator conducted an online survey of humanities faculty at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) to find out. The survey uncovered information ...
    • A hybrid approach for video memorability prediction 

      Viola, Alexander J.; Yoon, Sejong (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2019-10)
      In this working note, we present our approach and investigation on the Predicting Media Memorability Task at MediaEval 2019. We used original video frames and caption data from the provided dataset, but extracted features ...
    • Hybrid modeling of cell signaling and transcriptional reprogramming and its application in C. elegans development 

      Ochs, Michael F.; Danilova, Ludmila V.; Favorov, Alexander V.; Fertig, Elana J. (Frontiers Media, 2011)
      Modeling of signal driven transcriptional reprogramming is critical for understanding of organism development, human disease, and cell biology. Many current modeling techniques discount key features of the biological ...
    • Hyperglutamylation impacts brood size and cilia production in Caenorhabditis elegans 

      Klimas, Abigail; Hiltke, Olivia; Peel, Nina (2021)
      Mutations of the human ortholog of ccpp-1, CCP1, have been correlated with early onset neurodegeneration including developmental delays, muscular hypotonia, and cerebellar atrophy. A lack of a functional deglutamylase leads ...