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    • MAGEB2 is Activated by Promoter Demethylation in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

      Ochs, Michael F.; Soudry, Ethan; Glazer, Chad A.; Wang, Hao; Schussel, Juliana; Sun, Wenyue; Hennessey, Patrick T.; Mydlarz, Wojchiech; Loyo, Myriam; Demokan, Semra; Smith, Ian M.; Califano, Joseph A. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Purpose Although promoter hypermethylation has been an accepted means of tumor suppressor gene inactivation, activation of otherwise normally repressed proto-oncogenes by promoter demethylation has been infrequently ...
    • "Mama, You Ever Think about Another Life?": Black Slave Girls and Women Fight for and Claim Their (Afro) Future 

      Williams, Piper Kendrix; Richardson, Kameryn (2020)
      Afrofuturism is an ideological movement that "draws strength and inspiration from the past" to "imagine Black worlds and identities differently," positing hope and confidence in the existence of better futures. Applied as ...
    • A Man Playing Drums 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
    • A man playing guitar 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
    • A man playing saxaphone 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
    • A man playing trombone seen through window 

      Unknown author (College of New Jersey (Ewing, N.J.), 0000)
    • Managing Catalog Data to Enhance Library OPAC Use 

      Weng, Cathy; Tosaka, Yuji (5/11/2011)
      This presentation illustrates two local projects that have greatly enhanced OPAC use: (1) handling duplicate and obsolete authority records; (2) creatively making use of local subject data. The multi-step processes involved ...
    • Managing Microforms in the Digital Age 

      Canepi, Kitti; Ryder, Becky; Sitko, Michelle; Weng, Cathy (American Library Association, 2013-08)
    • Managing organizational deviance: Focusing on causes, not symptoms 

      Gutworth, Melissa B.; Morton, Dana M.; Dahling, Jason (Information Age Publishing, 2013)
      Much of the received wisdom on why employees behave badly focuses too narrowly on traits and how to have tough disciplinary conversations with employees. In this chapter, we advocate for the importance of managing employee ...
    • Managing the access services desk : Utilizing layered levels of staff skills 

      Sewell, Bethany B.; Alarid, Theresa (Routledge, 2013)
      In addition to circulation interactions, it is shown that access services desks field a wide array of multifaceted interactions. The management at the University of Denver's Penrose Library developed a system of layered ...
    • Mapping functional connectivity of bursting neuronal networks 

      Nguyen, Tuan; O'Connor, Kelly; Sheth, Krishna; Bolle, Nicolas (Springer, 2017)
      Using single-cell laser scanning photostimulation (LSPS) combined with broad-field calcium imaging, we measured the functional connectivity of neuronal cultures before and after the developmental appearance of network ...
    • Mapping Neuronal Connectivity with Laser Photostimulation & Calcium Imaging 

      Sheth, Krishna; O'Connor, Kelly; Nguyen, Tuan (2014)
      One of the most elusive goals in modern neuroscience is to determine how neurons in the brain are connected – a connectivity map is essential for understanding how the brain works. To address this goal, many methods have ...
    • MARC 21 書目紀錄中文手冊 -- 圖書, 連續性出版品 

      Weng, Cathy; Tai, I-Chene (Mandarin Library & Information Services Company, 2011)
      A MARC 21 bibliographic format Chinese manual based on MARC 21 Standards with examples in English and Chinese.
    • Marketing library services to the Net Generation 

      Mi, Jia; Nesta, Frederick (Emerald Group Publishing, 2006)
      Purpose – This paper aims to examine the role of marketing to new generations of library users. Design/methodology/approach – The paper reviews classical marketing texts and current user studies for applicability to ...
    • A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Technique for Identification of Combinations of Allelic Variants Underlying Complex Diseases in Humans 

      Ochs, Michael F.; Favorov, Alexander V.; Andreewski, Timofey V.; Sudomoina, Marina A.; Favorova, Olʹga Olegovna; Parmigiani, Giovanni (Genetics Society of America, 2005)
      In recent years, the number of studies focusing on the genetic basis of common disorders with a complex mode of inheritance, in which multiple genes of small effect are involved, has been steadily increasing. An improved ...
    • Mathematical Model of Real-Time PCR Kinetics 

      Gevertz, Jana L.; Dunn, Stanley M.; Roth, Charles M. (Wiley Periodicals, Inc, 2005)
      Several real-time PCR (rtPCR) quantification techniques are currently used to determine the expression levels of individual genes from rtPCR data in the form of fluorescence intensities. In most of these quantification ...
    • Matrix Factorization Methods Applied in Microarray Data Analysis 

      Ochs, Michael F.; Kossenkov, Andrew (Inderscience, 2010)
      Numerous methods have been applied to microarray data to group genes into clusters that show similar expression patterns. These methods assign each gene to a single group, which does not reflect the widely held view among ...
    • Maximizing Resource Utilization through Occupancy Detection 

      Knox, Deborah; Russell, Allison; Meddleton, Mark (2019)
      This project enhances an existing mobile application, the TCNJ Library App, by equipping all library study rooms with Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) and Raspberry Pis (RPI) that connect to a backend server and database. ...
    • Maximum Parsimony Advances for Native Phylogenetic Stemmatics 

      Miller, Andrew; Gould, Nathan; Papamichail, Dimitris (2015)
      Our ultimate aim is to design an algorithm that generates the most parsimonious tree where extant texts may be ancestors of other texts. The algorithm accepts a set of extant manuscripts or a multiple alignment of such ...
    • Maximum Parsimony Advances for Native Phylogenetic Stemmatics 

      Miller, Andrew; Gould, Nathan; Papamichail, Dimitris (2015)
      In the field of textual criticism, scholars use stemmatics in order to recreate an extinct original text from a collection of extant copied texts. Stemmatic trees are used to represent the relationship between extant and ...