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    • Nano-CT image processing and micromechanical modeling of intermuscular bone in herring 

      Abdelmohsen, Lara; Okulicz, Calvin J.; Hezrony, Benjamin; Peyrin, Francoise; Berteau, Jean-Philippe; Lau, Anthony G. (2021)
      Intermuscular bone is a type of bone unique to teleosts such as North Atlantic herring. It is formed by the intramembranous ossification of myoseptal tendons, which makes it less cartilaginous in nature. The combinations ...
    • Nano-CT Image Processing of Intramuscular Bone in Herring 

      Abdelmohsen, Lara; Hezrony, Benjamin; Acevedo, Claire; Berteau, Jean-Philippe; Lau, Anthony G. (2020)
      This study investigated how to implement image processing techniques to convert large compressed files to enhanced digital images and 3D models that can be visualized and operated on by FEA and other mechanical modeling ...