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    • Activation of the NOTCH Pathway in Head and Neck Cancer 

      Ochs, Michael F.; Gaykalova, Daria A.; Sun, Wenyue; Mambo, Elizabeth; Arnaoutakis, Demetri; Liu, Yan; Loyo, Myriam; Agrawal, Nishant; Howard, Jason D.; Li, Ryan; Ahn, Sun Mi; Fertig, Elana J.; Sidransky, David; Houghton, Jeffery; Buddavarapu, Kalyan; Sanford, Tiffany; Choudhary, Ashish; Darden, Will; Adai, Alex; Latham, Gary; Bishop, Justin A.; Sharma, Rajni; Westra, William H.; Hennessey, Patrick T.; Chung, Christine H.; Califano, Joseph A. (American Association for Cancer Research, 2014)
      NOTCH1 mutations have been reported to occur in 10% to 15% of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC). To determine the significance of these mutations, we embarked upon a comprehensive study of NOTCH signaling in ...