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    • Doxorubicin physical state in solution and inside liposomes loaded via a pH gradient 

      Li, Xingong; Hirsh, Donald J.; Cabral-Lilly, Donna; Zirkel, Achim; Gruner, Sol M.; Janoff, Andrew S.; Perkins, Walter R. (Elsevier, 12/9/1998)
      We have examined doxorubicin’s (DOX) physical state in solution and inside EPC/cholesterol liposomes that were loaded via a transmembrane pH gradient. Using cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) we noted that DOX loaded ...
    • Novel therapeutic nano-particles (lipocores): trapping poorly water soluble compounds 

      Perkins, Walter R.; Ahmad, Imran; Li, Xingong; Hirsh, Donald J.; Masters, Gregg R.; Christopher, Fecko J.; JinKeun, Lee; Ali, Shaukat; Nguyen, Josephine; Schupsky, James; Herbert, Cathy; Janoff, Andrew S.; Mayhew, Eric (Elsevier, 4/25/2000)
      The development of stable spherical lipid-coated drug particles that are termed ‘lipocores’ is reported here. Unlike conventional lipid-based particles (i.e. liposomes, emulsions, micelles), these particles are comprised ...