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    • Investigating a hard X-ray luminous AGN at high-redshift 

      Pedowitz, Michael A.; Lanz, Lauranne (2021)
      J131453.78+243554.1, or “J1314” for short, is a galaxy serendipitously discovered by NuSTAR (during an observation of IC 860) that has peculiar multiwavelength properties. It is bright in hard X-rays with a previously ...
    • Possibilities of habitable zones around post-AGB stars 

      Cruz, Abigail; Lanz, Lauranne (2021)
      A post-ABG (asymptotic giant branch) star is a very luminous late stage in the evolution of a low-to intermediate mass star. A post-AGB star is found in a specific region on the Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram. The HR ...