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    • Effects of galactic cosmic radiation on material properties of bone 

      Meyers, Michelle; Okulicz, Calvin J.; Thomas, Patricia; Davis, Catherine M.; Lau, Anthony G. (2021)
      One of the many missions of NASA is to develop a safer agent of space travel for astronauts. According to NASA, the average astronaut will be exposed to anywhere between 50 and 2,000 mGy of effective radiation. In a more ...
    • Long-Time Elastic Modulus of Rat Femurs Exposed to Radiation Using Microindentation 

      Lau, Anthony G.; Okulicz, Calvin J.; Dickinson, Gary H.; Davis, Catherine M. (2019)
      NASA has trips to both the Moon and Mars on their itinerary for the near future. Health and safety of the astronauts is of the upmost importance for the missions. Bone loss, or osteoporosis, is a known risk of space travel ...
    • Nano-CT image processing and micromechanical modeling of intermuscular bone in herring 

      Abdelmohsen, Lara; Okulicz, Calvin J.; Hezrony, Benjamin; Peyrin, Francoise; Berteau, Jean-Philippe; Lau, Anthony G. (2021)
      Intermuscular bone is a type of bone unique to teleosts such as North Atlantic herring. It is formed by the intramembranous ossification of myoseptal tendons, which makes it less cartilaginous in nature. The combinations ...