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    • Bone microstructural changes in rat tibias exposed to space radiation 

      Vander Wiele, Sabrina S.; Felipe, Jack T.; Thomas, Patricia; Davis, Catherine M.; Lau, Anthony G. (2021)
      Human health outside of the Earth’s atmosphere has become a greater concern as humans have lived on the International Space station for over 20 years. Radiation poses a risk to astronaut health, yet there is little research ...
    • Effect of galactic cosmic radiation on bone microstructural strength 

      Felipe, Jack T.; Vander Wiele, Sabrina S.; Davis, Catherine M.; Lau, Anthony G. (2021)
      NASA has been looking into new technology for long duration space flight to Mars. Space travel has many unknowns and dangers that are both visible and invisible. Once outside of Earth's radiation shielding atmosphere, ...