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    • Learning equations from biological data with limited time samples 

      Nardini, John T.; Lagergren, John H.; Hawkins-Daarud, Andrea; Curtin, Lee; Morris, Bethan; Rutter, Erica M.; Swanson, Kristin R.; Flores, Kevin B. (Springer, 2020-09-09)
      Equation learning methods present a promising tool to aid scientists in the modeling process for biological data. Previous equation learning studies have demonstrated that these methods can infer models from rich datasets, ...
    • Learning partial differential equations for biological transport models from noisy spatio-temporal data 

      Lagergren, John H.; Nardini, John T.; Lavigne, G. Michael; Rutter, Erica M.; Flores, Kevin B. (The Royal Society, 2020-02-19)
      We investigate methods for learning partial differential equation (PDE) models from spatiotemporal data under biologically realistic levels and forms of noise. Recent progress in learning PDEs from data have used sparse ...